Why Would You Put Up With That?

Accuracy and efficiency are essential.


Arguably they can stand up to the tractor for importance in keeping farming manageable and profitable and in many cases have actually surpassed it. Precise application and precise timing of herbicides and pesticides application is even more important in modern farming; chemical costs demand it. 

Getting on the field at the right time to capitalize on the value of chemical and fertilizer applications is critical in order to maximize crop yields.

With the advent of increased flex tire technology, many wide bodied tractor tires adapt well to sprayer use.  It provides for a larger footprint while reducing operating pressures to minimize soil compaction.

For extensive experience in fitting wheel and tire packages that optimize your sprayer's performance in YOUR conditions, check with Bill for a solution.

The importance of farm power. 


Whether it's a tractor, swather, combine, or harvester, you just simply couldn't operate your farm without it.  However, even essential equipment; and even if it's the best money can buy -- it's successful performance requires getting onto the fields as needed.  As the saying goes, "Timing is Everything!"

Today's farm tractors often need to be modified in order to accomplish the work to be done when the timing demands. Manufacturers build tractors for the 'typical' farm, often overlooking the many specialty crop, tillage and planting needs of modern farming in challenging regions.

Should it be narrow tires to run between rows or wider tires to decrease the footprint impact and reduce soil compaction, Bill's Ag Tire can help.

For custom wheels, hubs and specialized agriculture tires, check with Bill for a solution.

timing is everything!

Today's farm MUST be able to take advantage of correct conditions, but of course, not all of the correct conditions come at the same time

  • Perhaps it's too windy or wet to operate a sprayer, swather or combine, but of course, the rest of the conditions are perfect. 
  • The crop has emerged; now is the time for an application, but of course, after rain the soil is soft, soggy and slippery.

Well, Bill's Ag Tire can't begin to solve the wind or wet problem....but, that soil problem we have learned some tricks about.