It's the 21st Century,

Farming has changed

Horse drawn plows are thankfully a thing of the past.  Any possible way that dollars can be saved to benefit the overall outcome have to be seriously considered.  Technology and innovation become a part of the modern solution. Computers make their way from the office and out to the fields.

Ten years ago, did you think you would be using GPS in your farm equipment?  By assisting with tractor guidance, the GPS allows the farming community to continue the traditions of working in all kinds of weather, soil, and vision conditions. 

That, of course, leads to needing the best possible 'foundation' between your equipment and your fields; reduced chance of failure and increased productivity.

Tracks could be your answer, or Flotation Tires and Custom Wheel Sets --


  • High Wear-Resistant Rubber Compounds
  • Large Footprint Reduces Ground Compaction, Minimizes Crop Damage
  • For Agriculture, the Chevron Tapered and Diagonal Treadbar Design Assists with Lug Cleanout
  • Northwest Soft Field Conditions Benefit from Farm Equipment Increased Mobility

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As Camoplast  Solideal says,   "Think High Performance"